Life As A Fangirl

Life As A Fangirl

Back in 2010, a british boy band rose to fame and gathered fans across the world and conquered it. You may or may not know them yet after I’ve said that phrase about them—depends if you’re living under a rock, which most people don’t do nowadays. 

So, I guess you already know them! You’re right! Nobody else but the naughty, cheerful, funny boys of One Direction! Well that was before—when they were younger. Now, they are maturing as they grow older, I, along with them. But that doesn’t mean I get to stop adoring and loving them, right?

Being a fan, Directioner, is really fun! You get to communicate with other fans through the net. You also get the challenge to make the boys notice you on Twitter—which is definitely super duper hard! And going to their concerts using the money your parents saved up for your tuition fee—crazy! I was just exaggerating so please don’t dare try doing that because a fan from Philippines did that and got killed by her own father. But doing all these crazy stuffs, that’s what makes it fun! (besides from the part where you get killed by your own father.)

Downfalls of a Fangirl

But you know what’s hard about being a fangirl? You get to be their fan, but never be their girl. That’s the reality that breaks the heart of fans. Hurts that you get to love them from afar. You can never get close to them and be friends—unless you’re famous and have a lot of connections, which most fans don’t have. And then someone tells you “They don’t even know you,” when you get protective over your idols. It hurts, you know. But always look on the bright side! There are many new opportunities to come and it may lead to an outcome you don’t expect to happen. So, always be positive and believe in yourself! You can let things happen if you believe.


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