A Summer Day

A Summer Day

It was a summer day,

All were singing and happy.

Everyone got along,

No worries and problems.

Only fun and excitement can be seen through their eyes.


Roses, daisies, sunflowers 

were blooming across the field,

They looked marvelous.

Butterflies and birds flying across the endless blue sky.

By the beach,

Little kids running around and making their little sand castles,

Teens were showing off,

Most were getting tanned.

It was a nice and sunny day,

They thought nothing bad was to come their way,

Little do they know that tragedy was on its way.

Take My Hand

Take My Hand

Take my hand,

If you feel lost 

In the midst of the deep blue sea,

Maybe in the tall, strong trees of the forest,

Or from the angry scowls thrown by another,

Or maybe from the drowning words of his.

Just take my hand.

And everything,

Is going to be just fine.


Will be all right.

No more,

Weeping and mourning at night,
No more,

Painful screams telling you that you’re worthless.


Sweet lullabies and soft voices 

To let you have a good sleep that you’ve been longing for.

And you,

Yes, you

Don’t have to be scared


The Big Day

The Big Day

You we’re so close,

Just a few steps away from me.

You were wearing a beautiful, elegant, silky fabric drizzled with glitters and shining diamonds.

I couldn’t stop staring at you.

You were —still are— beautiful.

Those shining eyes locked with mine. I had no clue, something tragic was bound to happen.

I didn’t know that, those beautiful and kissable pink lips will let out words that can destroy something precious I possess.

You destroyed and broke my heart.

You told me,

“I can’t marry you. I love someone else.”

You left, ran.

When it was finally the time,

You, chose to let go

And start again

With someone new.

But what hurt most,

Is you ran along side

My brother, hand-in-hand.